Genesis Planning was qualified and contracted by the Department of the Army to provide comprehensive medical equipment technology planning and procurement services for the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center’s new hospital.

The project will consolidate services and enhance access to medical care for thousands of Fort Hood soldiers, family members and retirees.

The original Darnall hospital opened in 1965 to serve 17,000 soldiers, with an extension in 1984 added to serve 39,000 troops. Today, the hospital serves roughly 45,000 soldiers, as well as nearly 125,000 family members and retirees within a 40-mile radius.

At 600,000 square feet, the current facility is undersized for the amount of services it provides. Each day Darnall averages 4,622 outpatient encounters, 202 emergency room visits, 26 surgeries, 26 admissions, seven births and 4,500 prescriptions filled.

The 947,000 square foot hospital replacement project will be adjacent to the existing Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center campus. The new facility will replace the existing medical center and provide a new state-of-the-art healthcare facility for service members and their families. Primary facilities will include the complete hospital replacement, including all inpatient services, the ambulatory and outpatient clinics, ancillary services, emergency department, ambulance garage, building information systems and special foundations.

Fort Hood, Texas