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Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education

Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education

The Methodist Institute for Technology Innovation & Education (MITIE)  is a national center for research and education in minimally-invasive surgical  procedures that provides hands-on training to practicing healthcare professionals and research on new technologies.

The 35,000SF facility combines a procedural skills lab, research core and virtual hospital on a single floor—creating synergy between collaborative research and training activities. 

The procedural skills lab includes 15-operating stations to teach minimally-invasive techniques, using animate and inanimate subjects. Video from two demonstration stations can be distributed live to each training station as well as recorded. 

The research core includes three simulated operating rooms. Two of these are outfitted for robotic surgery training, using the DaVinci platform. The third incorporates a CT scanner. Here, physicians and scientists develop new technology and procedural techniques. Proven procedures can be distributed by video to the procedural skills lab or a stepped-floor MedPresence videoconference room. 

The virtual hospital includes two simulation operating suites, in which physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals train on specific clinical scenarios, using full-size human patient simulators. These sessions, which include topics such as CCU patient management or cardiac arrest, are videotaped and reviewed afterward in six debrief conference rooms.

There is shell space to add two additional simulation suites in the future. In addition, the virtual hospital has four partial task training rooms. These allow learners to focus on a narrow component of a procedure, such as how to manage a difficult airway or insert a central line using ultrasound guidance. These four rooms can be combine  into a single room for large-group trainings.


Houston, Texas